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West End Car Wash: West Hamilton’s Full Service Car Wash

At West End Car Wash, we specialize in interior and exterior automotive cleaning. We have multiple service packages available, so you can select the options you want. From vacuuming to tire-rim cleaning, West End Car Wash provides the cleaning services that can make your car look like it has just driven off the lot. And besides the bright look, keeping your car clean can keep it from rusting and help it to retain value.

You can swing by for a quick drive-in car cleaning or you can book an appointment for complete auto detailing in Hamilton, Ontario.

Detailing and Car Restoration Services

Maybe you always like keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, or maybe you haven’t kept it as clean as you would like, but whatever the reason for bringing your car into West End Car Wash, we can give it a thorough cleaning. We can use odour terminators, interior shampoos and fabric protectors to refresh the inside of your car. And for the exterior, we can clean all surfaces, hand wax and buff them, and even shampoo your engine. For a comprehensive clean, there is no better place to take your vehicle than West End Car Wash.
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Interior and exterior automotive cleaning